65cm Britannia : Choose Colour & Base Later


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This is the perfect choice for those wanting to place a deposit on a 65cm floor standing globe - but not yet wanting to commit to a colour or style of base. After you place a deposit, we will be in touch to help you choose the colour and style of base and make sure you know all the options for added personalisation. Our floor standing globes spin within a hand-cast and hand-engraved brass meridian which can be moved so the globe spins at any angle. Included in the commission of the globe are 20 cartography (text) edits - though you are welcome to request more - as well as a hand engraved message. For a further charge we can add hand drawn and hand painted illustrations or travel routes. Featured in this listing is a Gagarin coloured globe with a matte finish, a Gagarin with a gloss finish... and then Marine Blue with gloss. The bases in this listing are the Rounded & Fluted in Walnut as well as the Brisbane II in Walnut and finally a Fluted style in Oak. Please note our Gagarin and Cassini colourings are priced higher than other colours. You can choose any style base and any colour globe - please take a look at this helpful guide as a starting place for more information : Bellerby Globemakers Floor Standing Globe Collection For other base designs and colours please see other listings or email [email protected]

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Britannia Blue, Glacial Blue, Mint Cassini, Mint Green, Ocean Blue, Olive