The Aluminium Livingstone


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The Livingstone globe is based on a traditional Philips globe from the early twentieth century - this edition is in solid Aluminium. Our globes as always have a current and modern map and each and every globe is made bespoke to order to your specifications. The Aluminium base is made in our Derbyshire foundry and finished in our London studio. The Livingstone is also available as a Celestial globe or in various other shades including Ochre, Mint Green, Aquamarine, Cobalt, Cool Blue, Glacial Blue, Champagne, Mint Green Cassini and Reed Green. Please see other listings or get in touch for photos. Click here for a helpful PDF. This listing is for all colours apart from Celestial, Cassini or Gagarin - this does not include the Wine Map either which is priced higher. If one of those styles are chosen - the price difference will be reflected on your final invoice.