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Because of the lead times between placing an order and delivery... this is the best option if you want to ensure the earliest delivery time possible - but have time to finalise your choices on colour, base and personalisation. We will be in touch to run through options and help you design your globe exactly as you'd like it. You will have up until 3 months before your quoted delivery day to finalise and we will remind you as deadlines approach. * The simplest and lowest priced colours are Cool Blue, Cobalt, Olive, and Turquoise - these have the least amount of detail in the painting. Next are the colours like Prussian Blue, Glacial Blue and Mint Green which have more detailed land or sea shading. Priced highest are Cassini (where each country is shaded a different colour) and Gagarin (looks like Earth from space). Standard woods being Oak, London Plane and Walnut. Other choice being the more exotic woods and metal which are priced higher. Examples shown on this listing are Mint Cassini and Glacial Cassini with added personalisation which is not standard on all globes - these are just some examples of the many ways you can create something truly one of a kind.

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Aquamarine, Celestial, Champagne, Charcoal, Cobalt, Cool Blue, Gagarin, Glacial Blue, Mint Green, Mint Green Cassini, Ochre, Olive, Prussian, Prussian Blue, Reed Green, Sea Green, Turquoise