The Gagarin



Earth from space! This style of globe is reminiscent of the famous Pale Blue Dot photograph. Painted carefully to show the more heavily forested areas as well as where Earths deserts are. The ocean gets lighter as it nears the coasts and makes use of the watercolours to really show texture.

Each base is fitted with roller bearings to enable fluid movement in any direction by hand. This colouring of globe looks great with all the bases we offer.

Our globes are all made to order, the cartography will always be up to date and reflect the world as it was when you commissioned your globe. The ocean is shown in it's suggested colour to contrast beautifully with the land but different colours can be requested. Click here for a PDF on all colours. The commission includes a personalised engraving and 10 cartography edits, we will be in touch with more details after you place your order to discuss. Please email [email protected] to receive more photos, base and colour options as well as to discuss personalisation and shipping estimates.

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Aluminium Albion, Brass (Polished), Brass Albion, Bubinga, Cedar of Lebanon, Coppa, London Plane, Low Profile Copper, Luminom, Luminom (Polished), Oak Albion, Standard (Walnut), Wenge, Zebrano