London Plane Albion



Locally sourced London Plane wood. Each piece has been hand selected by Peter Bellerby and has a known story which is pretty special. We recommend staining it quite dark as pictured, but the naturally light wood can be stained to your preference.
London plane is a tree ‘invented’ by the Victorians in Kew Gardens (oh weren’t they clever) by hybrid breeding species to enable the resulting variety to thrive in city environments (pollution and root compacting). The trees were originally planted in London’s Royal Parks, and subsequently found a home in New York both in parks and streets - as well as Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.
It is therefore not found naturally in woodlands, so it has a limited supply. The UK had a glut of supply following the devastating (famously downplayed by the met office) storm of 1989, and then a further oversupply following the 2012 Olympics and the resulting clearance of Hackney Marshes.
Our current supply comes from the clearance around Euston station to enable a new station to be built to house the HS2. We have bough several of these trees in their entirety which is allowing us to have the wood dried to the correct size (allowing for some planing), thus reducing waste as well as allowing larger pieces of wood to make our bigger rotational bases from one piece. Amazingly some of this wood, which was planted in the early C20th contains pieces of shrapnel from WWII which embedded inside during The Blitz.
This base looks great with all colours of globe - both terrestrial and celestial (click for a PDF of all colours). Each globe is hand-painted and will have a matte finish. The commission includes a personalised engraving and 10 cartography edits, we will be in touch with more details after you place your order to discuss.

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