The 22cm Celestial – Copper Base


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Our celestial globe features traditional representations of our heavenly bodies illustrated in exquisite detail. 88 hand drawn and hand painted constellations adorn our unique globe forming the perfect complement, and customary partner, to its terrestrial brother. This listing is to place a 50% deposit down on a Celestial Globe with a handcrafted solid COPPER base. This base is SOLID Copper and very heavy. It is made to naturally age beautifully and change colour over time - but comes with what you need to easily polish it back to looking like the day you received it any time. Cast in a Derbyshire Foundry with noticeable casting imperfections that show its making; fitted with roller bearings to enable fluid movement in any direction by hand. Please enquire about having a machine-made base if you like your metalwork with less obvious "makers marks". See other listings in the first Mini Globe section for woods and other metals. This globe matches beautifully as a pair with any colour terrestrial globe - you can also request variations in painting to further tie into the terrestrial globe if ordering as a pair.