The Churchill


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This impressive 127cm diameter globe stands over 1.5m high, and its scale is breath-taking. The largest handmade world globes available for commission. Available with either a hand-turned wood base in either Oak or Walnut or with a Aluminium base. Fitted with revolutionary bearings, this globe can spin in a fluid 360-degree rotating motion by hand. The deep hues are created with many watercolour washes painted by hand in our London studio. A truly individual product, exuding quality craftsmanship and skill, the Churchill would not look out of place in a grand home or workspace. As with all Bellerby globes, each one can be individually tailored to suit taste and requirements. Only 40 globes will ever be made in this series and like all of our globes no two will ever be the same. Notes regarding this specific listing : -One globe pictured has arabic cartography - a bespoke commission. See other photos listings or email us for our English globes. - Gagarin & Cassini colouring is priced higher than all other colours. Two of the globes shown are Gagarin and the other is Prussian Blue. - The bases shown in this listing are 1)London Plane Wood, 2) A base handcrafted from solid Aluminium - this is priced higher than our wooden bases, 3) Walnut. Please enquire for pricing and other options. We ship worldwide from London.