The Brisbane (50cm)


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Suiting both a modern and traditional home, the Brisbane can be handcrafted from either Walnut or Oak and be paired with any colour globe. This listing is for the 50cm diameter floor standing globe - but variations can also be made in 65cm, 80cm and 127cm diameter. The Walnut base pictured has a dark stain - other options being a natural or medium finish. A beautifully crafted world globe spins from any angle within a solid hand-cast brass meridian and the table has deep horizon bands. Any colour globe is available with this base - featured is Glacial Blue with a gloss finish. Also shown is Mint Cassini with a matte finish. The deep hues are created with many watercolour washes painted by hand in our London studio. A truly individual product, exuding quality craftsmanship and skill. After you place an order, we will be in touch right away to go through options on the colours, base material and finish as well as options for personalisation. We offer bespoke cartography, hand drawn illustrations, travel routes and much more. We will spend time designing your globe with you. Each globe is one of a kind and made to order. Please take a look at this helpful guide for more information and colour inspiration : Bellerby Globemakers Floor Standing Globe Collection