The Tri (80cm)




A modern design to hold our 80cm diameter floor standing globe. The globe sits on three semi-hidden roller bearings which allow a fluid 360 degree spin in a luxurious movement by hand. Commission of the globe includes up to 20 text edits to the cartography and there are endless options for further personalisation including hand drawn and hand painted illustrations, travel routes, personal commissioning marks. Suggested colours include Mint Green, Glacial Blue, Prussian Blue, Mint Cassini or Gagarin. Please note that Gagarin & Cassini are priced higher. Click for a PDF on colours. Globe Diameter: 80cm | Height: 1.5m Base material: Hand fabricated Aluminium with brushed metal finish Finishing Materials: Sennelier watercolour pigment, UV and scratch resistant resin coat

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Cool Blue, Gagarin, Glacial Blue, Mint Cassini, Mint Green, Sea Green, Taupe