A brief summary!

Firstly, you need to create a perfect sphere. Very easy to write, incredibly difficult to achieve.

Next, edit the map; because each globe is made to order we update our cartography regularly and personalise depending on our customers preferences.

We will work with each customer to help you design your globe as you’d like it, this can sometimes be a process over months or even years, helping you to personalise the globe as you wish.

Once the map is ready, it is printed and cut up hand into precise shapes called gores. The gores are painted by hand using watercolours, which give a unique result for each globe.

When the gores are dry, they are ready to be attached to the globe, which is called ‘goring the globe’.

That stage is very precise work and very difficult because you’re wetting the paper and stretching it, wet paper as you can imagine is fragile.

The paper wants to rip, ripple or tear naturally. If you work with one piece too long it naturally degrades.

After the gores are applied many more layers and detail of watercolour are added and the globe is sealed with either a gloss or matte resin or varnish finish.

The globe is then placed into its base; we make a variety of traditional and modern bases of our own design which are fully hand built and finished to your preference.

Once we are happy with the final outcome and have thoroughly checked the globe over, it is packaged carefully in either a bespoke “flight case” or a special made crate and shipped off to its new home.

We ship worldwide from London, England.

Photos by Andy Lockley, Owen Harvey, Justin Ratcliffe, Kaori Oyama, Andrew Meredith and Paul Marc Mitchell.

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