Every year we design a limited run of bespoke bases, previous collection saw us working in marble, using small batches of specially sourced woods and unique metals. Our current limited edition globe is Animalia which has 196 hand drawn and hand painted animal illustrations. In 2022 we will launch our Bronze and Titanium collection.

The Galapagos 2020

In 2020 we made the Galapagos 80 cm diameter globe below. Conceived from a photo of a tiny brass celestial, we started work on the 26th February, just before lockdown and the globe was completed on 12th April. The solid brass base was machined by our metal shop, and we had just one maker, one cartographer, two painters and one metal worker in the (20 metre square) studio to help complete the task, all working weekends and evenings (there wasn’t much else to do!) to meet the deadline. Because it’s on a boat it has holes in the feet to secure it to the floor and the meridian has a groove running 170 degrees around it with a key in the upright holding it in place. The globe now undertakes voyages between Chile and The Galapagos Islands.


The Walnut Curve

Due to its complexity we only make one or two a year

And occasionally one off bases

This globe base is inspired by a 17th century model (pictured below) but constructed with new techniques and a current map.

It uses precision engineering to ensure that the top heavy fragile stand will stand up to the rigours of use.

It utilises brass feet cast in our foundry and then polished. The pattern for these was created by our in house model maker (who is also a globemaker). Fashioned in plasticine, we then take a silicone mould before making a resin cast. After further finishing, 6 feet are cast in the foundry. We can cast anything within reason.

A heavy solid wood base, finished with gesso and layered in gold leaf, from Europes sole remaining hand beater (see video below)

who lives in Titian’s former studio in Venice, and blue milk paint to give a wonderful deep patina, which is then burnished and polished. He’s broken his thumb two times by the way!

The wrought iron is made in a Berkshire ironworks and the mechanism (a 4 inch deep screw joint) which holds the upper part securely to the base is machined by our metal machinists who as a side business (maybe their main business!) run up engine parts for one of the current F1 teams plus secretive government contracts.

The table top is made in our studio with the foundry casting the meridian which is then hand engraved by our Medway engraver.

We designed and sourced new contractors to make this piece, a process taking 18 months, and the globe was then shipped to North Carolina, where it has a lovely view of the Blue Ridge Mountains (Appalachian Range)

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