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Desktop Globes

We make desktop globes to suit any space. From the contemporary styles like The Albion where the globes spins 360 degrees in a fluid motion by hand to the more traditional and timeless Livingstone which spins on its axis. Explore

Design Your Own Globe

With each globe made bespoke to order, we can personalise your globe in endless ways. This can be bespoke cartography, travel routes or hand drawn and hand painted illustrations.

This may include highlighting special places, such as your hometown in a differing colour, adding in smaller towns that might not otherwise be on the map, adding names, dates, a quote or anything else of importance to you.

We will work with you through a design and approval process to create your globe exactly as you would like it. more details

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Our globes which are either desktop or floorstanding, come in six sizes and are all available in multiple colourways.

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